Clouds in the First Basin

I walk through the Cataract Gorge almost every day. The one thing that stands out as a characteristic unlike almost any place I have known is that this almost natural basin and the gorges leading in and out have their own micro climate. When this photo was taken the the area had clouds flowing through it not mist as there was a bit of breeze these were clouds drifting down and flowing out. It was quite an eerie sensation…

Lilys in the wild…

Lilys in the wild found in a small patch above the first basin

Its ANZAC day in Australia, a day when we remember those who have died in wars.  So this group of lilies seems like a very appropriate post. On a personal level I saw my father suffer every day with poor health as a result of WW2.
It was only after his death that I learned he had been decorated but refused to accept his honors because he did not believe in the glorification of war.

This group of wild lily was found on the Trevallyn side of the gorge.
These look like a minture but far more intensley coloured Belladonna lily. I’m curious to know what will eat them?


This duck makes a splash

Fuji Xpro1 ƒ4.5 1/40s ISO 640 spot metered 55-200
This duck was busy preening sat on a rock and making a splash every so often. I’m not being a smart ass when I say this but I had been sort of planning this shot for months. In fact I have photographed the rock several time with different water conditions. I knew that at some point some unsuspecting fowl would stand on this rock and give me a nice contra jour silhouette. Now if I just have the same shot with one of the black swans that enhabit this lake….