Clouds in the First Basin

I walk through the Cataract Gorge almost every day. The one thing that stands out as a characteristic unlike almost any place I have known is that this almost natural basin and the gorges leading in and out have their own micro climate. When this photo was taken the the area had clouds flowing through it not mist as there was a bit of breeze these were clouds drifting down and flowing out. It was quite an eerie sensation…

Big moon rising at the end of cataract gorge

big moon rising at the end of Cataract gorge

In another 28 days that ole moon will rise slap dab in the centre of the bridge but unfortunately it won’t appear as large as this one! Raw image processed in Luminar. The app is very nice to use I feel the noise reduction could be a little stronger and a little better. This was shot at ISO 640 resting on a rail. I havent done a side by side comparrison yet but it seems about the same as LR.

A stick in the mud!

A stick in the mud
Fuji Xpro1 ƒ5.6 1/40s ISO 800 Canon 100-300 zoom

A walk by the River Tamar always reveals something of visual interest. A simple stick plunged into the mud at low tide becomes an interesting minimal reflection when the tide comes in especially at sunset.

A little bit of night work… With the ducks!

Australian pacific black ducks by night safe on a rock

A pair ducks by night, safe from the feral cats roosting on a rock. I could see the ducks as a subtle silhouette agains the distant lights of the path that circum navigates the first basin in Launceston. To illuminate the ducks I gently waved a small LED torch across the rock to get the reflection in the water and the light spill over was enough to illuminate the ducks without scaring them. The exposure was 15 seconds at ƒ2.8 taken on a Zeiss 25mm Leica M lens mounted on the Xpro1

The rock amidst the ripples

The rock amidst the ripples

We used to call this tone elimination and it was a drawn out chemical proceedure involving intermediate positives as I recall not any more! Just one S curve and done. God how I love Photoshop even if it is CS6 do I really need anything more…