Autumn in the rain…

Autumn in the rain, towards the band stand in the first basin
Fuji Xpro1 ƒ2.8  1/9th ISO1250

Autumn in the rain, towards the band stand in the first basin… Forgot to post this image from almost a month ago ‘Amazingly to me’ its hand held, a grab shot at that, in as much as the rain just at that moment started to bucket down! I don’t have a steady hand any longer, skeletal injuries over the years have taken their toll and one of the side effects is unsteady hands!

Lilys in the wild…

Lilys in the wild found in a small patch above the first basin

Its ANZAC day in Australia, a day when we remember those who have died in wars.  So this group of lilies seems like a very appropriate post. On a personal level I saw my father suffer every day with poor health as a result of WW2.
It was only after his death that I learned he had been decorated but refused to accept his honors because he did not believe in the glorification of war.

This group of wild lily was found on the Trevallyn side of the gorge.
These look like a minture but far more intensley coloured Belladonna lily. I’m curious to know what will eat them?

Cherry blossom time…

Cherry blossom time

Our Japanese friends go gaga over the scale and number of blossoming trees in Tasmania. Indeed we have to be some of the most fortunate people on the planet to have a site like this to wake up to for a few weeks in the year. Likewise as a photographer I am enjoying the Fuji X pro 1 camera. This as every Fujiphile knows was the first of a new range of mirrorless cameras that Fuji introduced some three years ago. Unlike most manufacturers, Fuji through downloadable updates have recently turned a three year old into a new current tech camera. The camera has evolved!

To be perfectly honest there is another mitigating factor I bought the X pro1 as it was being offered by at a very reasonable price less a cash back offer from Fuji resistance was futile. I have been a Leicaphile almost for as long as I can remember and when my M9 was stolen in a very violent break in I put off replacing the M9 as the 240 was about to be introduced. My other half was also concerned about the cost, lugging 15k of camera kit around for her was a liability she was not comfortable with, especially as on one trip to Bologna I had a pocket picked! For me the look and feel of the images was paramount but when I began to compare the IQ of the Type 240 and the Fuji’s glorious X Trans sensor my steadfast Leica loyalty began to falter then wane away. This process took three years I’m not prone to hasty decision making. With every upgrade and new Fuji model the IQ scrutiny continued, the pixel peeping and even the odd print was over analysed ad nausium. Then it happened, Leica type 240 was reviewed by AP – Amateur Photographer and Fuji introduced an upgrade within a few weeks of each other. To my eyes the IQ the look of the Fuji image had all the qualities I wanted from a Leica it was then the purse strings were unleashed.