Big moon rising at the end of cataract gorge

big moon rising at the end of Cataract gorge

In another 28 days that ole moon will rise slap dab in the centre of the bridge but unfortunately it won’t appear as large as this one! Raw image processed in Luminar. The app is very nice to use I feel the noise reduction could be a little stronger and a little better. This was shot at ISO 640 resting on a rail. I havent done a side by side comparrison yet but it seems about the same as LR.

The eastern barn with Mars and Saturn rising…

The-eastern-barn-and-the-Milkyway-with-Mars against the milkywayFuji Xpro1 ƒ2 15seconds ISO1600 Samyang 12mm ƒ2 lens
A wonderfully clear night for star gazing. This is the first night shot with the Samyang 12mm lens this is set at ƒ2 and a 15 second exposure at ISO 1600. The bit of illumination on the barn was a 2 second swipe with a small LED hand torch.