Rainy days in the Gorge…

Rainy day in the gorge monochrome is very fitting at this time

There has been a few rainy days in the gorge so a monochrome post seems very fitting at this time. It happened that just a trace of a sunset appeared in the last few minutes before dusk even though it was drizzling where we stood. This shot was processed in NIK silver effects Pro modified dynamic range setting with ‘structure’ reduced to 12%. NIK still works well with Sierra and its free!
When I used a lot of film Fujifilm ACROS was one of my favourites, that and Agfa emulsions, so when I see that the new Fujifilm Xpro2 and XT2 have ACROS baked into the jpeg processing engine there are many instances when I sort of wish I had a replacement for the ageing  Xpro1 and preferably the XT2. There have been many instances when the auto focus in the Xpro1 has failed me so after reading the extensive review in Amateur Photographer this week I am sort of pushed closer to replacing the Xpro1.  Black & White Phototography also has a review in the current edition which I have not read yet. The quality of the reviews in both magazines I have always found to be well worth the cost of the (digital) magazines. I don’t believe in shipping dead tree products around the planet.
There are so many website based reviewers its often a tedious process to sort the wheat from the chaff. However imaging-resource.com  and Gordon Laing’s http://www.cameralabs.com are very thorough and worth reading when trying to decide what new kit to buy. For the last  half dozen generations of digital cameras I personally wait for the initial introductory price to fall before I take the plunge, that way I get the advantage of not having to wait for L bars and things which for me are essential.

Kings Bridge at dusk


Fuji Xpro1 ƒ4  1/600 ISO 640 18-55 lens
With a bit of adjustment to the dynamic range settings in camera and careful exposure, the Xpro sensor is capable of wonderful things. It works from darkest shadows to the most delicate tint of the last reflection of the setting sun on the clouds. I am very fortunate to live close to the Cataract Gorge in Launceston and I walk through this wonderful place almost every evening in all weathers and seasons.

Up hill on the Zig Zag path…

A walk up the Zig Zag on a sunny day its a much easier walk from west to east than it is from east to west and the views are not quite as good!

Fuji Xpro 1  18-55 A walk up the Zig Zag path in the cataract gorge on a sunny day it’s a much easier walk from west to east than it is from east to west and the views are not quite as good!
As this is suppossed to be spring one would expect a flush  of green growth on the vegetation but it’s not quite there yet.  So this photograph is for the most part monochrome as a result I emphasized these qualities with Tonality the interface of which seems to be an improvement over Silver effects pro 2. I am quite fond of the Film Types in Silver Effects so there is the potential for lots of experimentation between the two apps.
Recently I started to use Lightroom again after down loading version 6  I have trialed it with each version upgrade since the LR beta version 2 (can it really be eight years ago!)  I have never been totally happy with LR but version 6 has overcome all my objections including the issue of poor Fuji RAF raw file conversion. The ‘Edit in’ function is as smooth as silk and even the file handling is much improved. In the next few weeks I will write a post on how my work flow has evolved with this new development…

This morning in Prospect…

This morning in Prospect

This morning was very cold about 1deg C. The sun came up but the fog remained in the valleys creating different layers colour. This lovley scene came and went within minutes…