Peafowl chick

Newly hatched peafowl chick in the cataract gorge

A newly hatched peafowl chick this one looks to be about a week old and is a single chick of a two year old female. Normally peahens will lay anything up to 12 eggs 4 to 6 being the average. So this single chick is a bit unusual its siblings have likely been predated upon by possums or more likely cats.

On being less bold… Its reptilian

Am I the creative photographer/designer/artist I want to be?  Probably not but I’m no shrinking violet either. I do know I don’t take as many risks in my work as I probably should but I have never thought my hesitation is related to a deep and old defence mechanism buried in the primitive part of my reptilian brain. Reptile you say? How can this be read on…

Reptilian-a Western-Australian Blue-tongue-goanna

Reptilian eh! A Western Australian Blue tongue goanna shot on a Canon A1 a few years ago at the time when Kodak first introduced the current Ektar C41.

Beasts of burden…

Beasts of burden
uji Xpro1 with the kit zoom  18-55 ƒ4  1/950 ISO320
These magnificent animals are part of six or eight bullock teams that at one time in Australia’s past were responsible for delivering all manner of goods to remote communities across this sprawling land. The precision with which the driver of these teams managed to manuvere these gentle giants was also pretty remarkable.