The best lamb burgers in town Launceston Harvest market

The best lamb burgers in town launceston Harvest market

Fuji Xpro1 ƒ2.8 1/550 ISO 200 Samyang 12mm lens

Braefield farms not only sell really good Lamb Burgers they also sell really fresh chilled meat, even whole lambs for the freezer if you want it. It is one of the few places in Launceston where one can buy very fresh liver.  A lot of people get squimish about eating anything other than prime cuts of meat. Really fresh liver chopped into thin strips rolled in wheat germ and stone ground whole wheat flower then sauted is a dish to behold. While I was making my selection of liver from the mobile chiller a lady remarked we only feed that to our cat. I answered your cat may be better fed than you!

Beasts of burden…

Beasts of burden
uji Xpro1 with the kit zoom  18-55 ƒ4  1/950 ISO320
These magnificent animals are part of six or eight bullock teams that at one time in Australia’s past were responsible for delivering all manner of goods to remote communities across this sprawling land. The precision with which the driver of these teams managed to manuvere these gentle giants was also pretty remarkable.