How Fuji Cured my G.A.S. a saga by Dean Martin from Fuji Love

DeanMartin How I cured my GAS with a FUJI camera© Dean Martin Photography 2015

At some point in many areas of human interest the desire to expand ones capabilities with a simple purchase can become an intense obsessive want. I have come across many people from anglers petrol heads who develop these urges. This short read by Dean Martin from the UK has much to recommend it including the wonderful image of a kid with a cake its lovely From Fuji Love

More than a few ideas about the Fuji XPro II…

An article edited by Luigi Cavalieri appeared on LuicaPhoto about the much anticipated release of the replacement for the X Pro 1. If you are waiting with bated breath for a new X pro this article may quell some of the anxiety then again it may not…

Personally I tend to sit on the sidelines for a while rather than be an early adopter. The reasons for the tardiness of my consumeristic urges?
Firstly it saves a lot of hard earned cash. Six months the original cost drops by a third then within a year its down to half price. These days manufacturers even pay you the consumer to buy their product with cash backs. Secondly, and of greater importance, as with all high tech products its best to compare all the new features to see if you really can make full use of them.
I have been caught out before with a Canon as it happens! Its a great thing that camera manufacturers can cram so much into essentially very small cameras but from an operational perspective the layers of sophistication actually slow the process of creative image-making down.
I like the X Pro 1 because of its almost Leica like simplicity and I presume most of the other models are similar. However I also have an Olympus EM1 it’s a great small bag camera but it is so easy to inadvertently press a button or turn a soft switch on or off and render the camera unsable in the way one wants it until the issue has been figured out. Of course eventually one learns every thing there is to know about a camera. But even then the odd accidental move can cause these built in layers of complexity throw a spanner in the works and physically turn ones creative zest into a dribble.