Gulls at Tailrace Park in Riverside Tasmania…

Gulls at Tailrace Park Riverside Tasmania
uji Xpro1 ƒ5.6 1/600s ISO 320 Canon FD 100-300mm zoom

One of my first ‘serious’ SLR’s was a venerable Canon FTb purchased new in the 70s’ it was an era when to a certain extent Nikon ruled they were even extolled in pop songs! But having used a Nikormat while in college I always had a few reservations. For me the Nikons of that era did not quite fit with me, nothing in particular but things like the placement of shutter button and the shutter speed selection around the lens. The FTb on the other hand was like wearing a glove everything fitted, it is a solidly built, never wear out camera, all its functions are so precise, in exactly the right place and I still the first one of three I owned.
Many will likely disagree but it was very similar experience to using the the Leicaflex of the same era. Over the following years I collected quite a few FD lenses some of which are popular as Leica mount conversions today. However one of the outstanding FD tele zooms is the 100-300 which is what the above photo was captured with. It has a beautiful buttery off focus softness that doesn’t seem to be present in the same way in modern lenses and yet where sharpness matters it is tack sharp. I also used this lens on an Olympus Pen with a cheap converter but sad to say its performance was not very good, the converter must have been dimentionally out. Later as with the Fuji I now use a Novoflex lens converter and its perfect. Many of the Canon Fd lens of the 60’s 70’s and 80’s can still be had at minimal cost and are as good as some of the very best if you are comfortable with manual focus.