Kai of Digital Rev Reviews the XPro2


With Kai being British and dividing his time between the green pleasant and Honkers one should expect something different. Well like the proverbial expression (..it happens). The odd expletive slips into the dialog, then some silly sod objects who wasn’t even part of the content, he just drifted in and let rip… Well thats the way it goes with Digital Revs advertorials, hmm,  what’s a bloke to do an a cloudy Sunday afternoon?

Enough of the banter in this review one gets a quality look through the XPro2 viewfinder, a workout at the Norwich fashion week and a video look at at the joy stick / nipple focusing, all in all worth a few minutes of your time if you are fuji inclined… Btw this is not intended as an supported endorsement of any kind, but I have purchased a few items from Digital Rev in the past and as an online retailer they have proved to be prompt and quite reliable.