De noise more or less…

DeNoise and Define

A few weeks NIK became free Topaz had an offer so I decided to test De Noise and DeFine On the left is the NIK and the right is De-Noise. NIK is about five years old and on that basis it stands up very well. De-noise certainly reduces the colour noise, smoothes out the interpolated constituent colours and increases the contrast at the same time. The result is greater definition overall.
NIK on the other hand seems to just extract selective colour noise and then goes no further… If the strength of noise reduction is increased much beyond moderate in De-Noise it gets smudgy and changes the look of the image. NIK tends to maintain the look and feel albeit with colour noise. I like NIK it has served well and seems to be more effective on higher key images than in this example which was shot at ISO 1600 at ten o’clock at night. Topaz De-Noise is obviously a huge advance in the programmes art and I feel will live up to Topaz’s claims to eliminate high ISO noise.
I need to use De Noise more and under varying conditions with my Olympus EM1. This image was shot on a Fuji XPro1. That said from less demanding images worked on and shot with the EM1 I feel that the results will be very similar. This was an extreme shot hence its use as an illustration of the softwares capabilities.