The X Pro 2…

Fuji X Pro 2 Camera

The announcement from Fuji regarding the X Pro 2 has come and gone and unfortunately I didn’t get to see the official launch which apparently had it humerous moments.
The new main feature are as follows:
New X-Trans™* CMOS III sensor & X Processor Pro
New Advanced Hybrid Multi Viewfinder
New 1/8000 sec. Mechanical Shutter
New Film Simulation “ACROS”
New 7×7 Phase Detection AF Area
New Compressed RAW file format
Weather resistant structure
This is all wonderful especially the larger sensor and the improved autofocus. With regards to the film simulation ACROS is good I think I still have a few rolls in my freezer but the negative film that I have not seen digitally synthisized is Reala. It was bullit proof,  for me it was perhaps the best colour negative film ever made. It was almost impossible to do anything wrong with it, the colour render was as ‘Reala’ as it was possible to be. It could be pushed a full  stop and providing the process chemistry was fresh one could hardly tell the difference!

The X Pro 2 rear sid
Looking at the camera on the Australian Fuji film web site its the back side that has me intested the most here there are real improvements the elegance and simplicity of the new design is very evident. I found with the XPro1 that the three buttons on the left hand side got in the way and are often inadvertantly pressed in error.
These fumbled finger errors of mine ocurre because of cervical spinal damage. It generally happens far less with the XPro1 than they do with my Olympus Micro Four Thirds EM1 which happens almost every time I pick it up. The only reason why I have not sold off the Olympus kit is that it happens to have a touch screen which helps greatly particularly when shooting macro or at any time with a tripod. The Fuji on the other hand it has a shutter that is threaded for a traditional cable release which means one can use a ‘Soft Shutter’ button.  I tried several of these from Ebay sellers but the threading varies, some are very slack and fall out after the XPro1 is turned off and on a few times, I lost two within the space of a month. The best soft shutter button available by far is a Fotasy dilivered in 4 different coloured buttons for USD16 not only a good price but its the largest available being 15mm in diameter. With this shutter button I am able to work all most as if I did not have this wretched disability. Sadly not all Fuji cameras have a threaded shutter feature. I would have likely bought a Fuji T1 if it had a threaded shutter. I note that the new Olympus Pen F has a threaded shutter, Praise be for Retro!!! So on that basis alone and contrary to my first thoughts its enough to prompt to likely buy an XPro2. The T10, XE2 and most recently the EE2s all seem a bit small. However to be fair I haven’t had the oportunity to test drive either, peculiarly its almost all the budget X cameras that have this threaded shutter feature and almost essential for this photographer.

On the subject of retro another little feature thatcould be useful is the ISO selection. While its fine to make the ISO selection in software a quick glance at a dial is much faster. Wether its faster to change is another matter which comes back the the fumble finger issue…

Fuji XPro2 Top view 1

If the manual dial has user settings which that ‘H’ could indicate then it might be even better and more flexible than software control alone. I like these manual controls but with automation of any sort of any sort its the interface that makes or breaks it. A few camera manufactures get it right to barely passible. Fuji get an A from me in this department, think Sony Nex or even Canon and they fall into the E+ to F category. This can be argued ad nauseum but lets face it who ever picked up an instruction sheet for the iPad or iPhone that changed everything. On the very first relaease day of the iPhone or was it the iPod touch (even earlier I think) I said out loud why isn’t my camera interface like this!  Camera interfaces have gotten better but not by much… To be continued 

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