Fuji X70 Is it a pro’s day off camera?

Fuji X70Fuji-X70-camera-LCD-screen Fuji-X70-camera-rumorsFuji-X70-camera-black

Bill Palmer of Macfilos thinks its no Ricoh GR replacement for him but it ticks a lot of boxes for me! I also liked the GRD its a great little camera as long as you are not trying to use it in Australian sunshine I found one had to have the optional viewfinder which is no great sacrifice but a built in viewfinder is us much nicer to use. Early in digital camera history Ricoh had an electronic viewfinder on the model down from the GRD which was as good as the Olympus unit that was sold with the EP1 and 2 and then used by non other than Leica! and that brings me back to the Fuji X70. Screens have come a long way since those days and I find I can use the Fuji Xpro1 in almost full sun so I would think this X70 will be fine in this regard. The size and screen angling looks good which improves the possibilities even more. It has a touch screen which I think early GRD’s did not have so yes it all looks positive perhaps we will have a mini Fuji X100 next week and of course the much yearned for Xpro2! TBC

Thanks to http://digicame-info.com/ for the Fuji X70 photos and google translate