The Fujifilm X-T1 versus the Leica M9 has written a good comparison between the venerable M9 and a Fujifilm X T1 with some interesting results Photo – has written a good comparison between the venerable Leica M9 and a Fujifilm X T1 with some interesting results.

Personally looking through the sample images the results are pretty close to what I would have expected. However, I found that with my usage of the M9 and depending on the ergonomics of the individual lens used I could compose and focus more accurately than all but the very best of auto focus systems. In this case the example would be the EOS 5D mk 1 and 2. The Olympus EM1 is also very good with some of the Oly lenses.
My XPRO1 is no speed demon and quite honestly there are times when I still miss the M9 in that regard.
On general usage there is no competition, the Image quality is as good as I need. I’m even warming to using jpegs straight out of the camera. Not that crazy about archiving jpegs, I still convert everything to TIFF’s. The Fujifilm X mount cameras are far more versatile, one can go very long or one has macro. Only the 8K M240 can do that and even though my cameras earn their keep the difference in the IQ is just not worth the difference in cost. Not one of my clients noticed either!
I have a couple of adaptors for the X mount the Fuji M mount and a Canon FD and of these manual lenses its the Canon FD Macro lenses that have had the most use. Purchased new in the 1970’s I will likely use them for the rest of my natural because I have yet to come across anything better. I think the Zeiss will have the edge over the forty odd year old FD’s just because of the technical advance in lense coatings… Well, maybe, perhaps sometime on some year end sale or other I might splurge!