A Love Letter to the Fujifilm X Pro 1

My XPro1

I have been following Chris Gampat the Phoblographer .com since he started his blog, his articles have always been balanced and often a worthwhile read. He recently wrote this. It’s essentially his love affair with the Fujifilm X Pro 1. He also is an ex Leica user, so much of what he says rings oh so true with me… Likewise Marco Larousse of we shoot fuji and hamburg cam also came from that Leica marque. (and Canon too) In addition I have come across many people who have switched from Leica film cameras or even M8 and M9s to Fuji. The beautiful Fuji Leica M to X mount adaptor is part of it.
Who wants to sell off all the lenses that one has used for years when they can be adapted perfectly to a Fuji. I used to use a few Leica R lenses on Canon  5D’s basically (sorry Canoneasters) because precise manual focus was better on the Leica R lens than doing the same thing on the good but not perfect Canon 100 Macro. Besides I have never really forgiven Canon for rendering the FD lenses totally obsolete when they introduced the EOS range. Olympus had an upgrade path, Nikon old glass can still be used today. Leica had an R conversion system in place, even Zeiss M42 lenses seem to be infinitely adaptable, Pentax also from the micro 110 lenses to the mighty 6×7 all still usable.
The second part of this endearment to marque is that Fujifilm have fostered is that they have continued to support and upgrade thier cameras and lens firmware long after the point of purchase. I think is almost a first among manufacturers. To a lesser extent Olympus and Panasonic have done the same thing but nothing on the scale of Fuji. The last upgrade was almost like getting  a camera compared with my short use of the XPro1 in 2011. Thats four years ago when most digital cameras shelf life is a year if that…
To some degree Fuji have taken on board Leica’s service attitude towards their customers and that in these days of annual obsolescence That can only be a very good thing,

Thanks Fuji