A basket full of needlepoint… The original pixel art!!!

A basket full of needle point, the original pixel art, methinks
Fuji X One Pro ƒ8 1/220s ISO320 18-55mm
From the first time I entered our parish church as a young child I noticed the needle point kneelers that were made by the ladies of the congregation. Generally the decoration was of symbols that fitted into the context of the angelican church or just colourful repeted patterns and designs not too dissimilar to these in this basket. These kneelers were picked up as one entered the church and taken to the pew where each parishioner would spend the next hour or so participating in the service. I was always fascinated by the colorfull simplicity of these functional items of honest craft work. Most were made to a very high standard but I remember one week a stack of newly crafted kneelers were stacked in the vestibule. I followed my mother into church ahead of a friend, his sisters and parents followed, we all picked up a brand spanking new kneeler then made our way to the pew where we sat almost every week. Once seated there was a hinged shelf attached to the pew in front this was lowered on to the floor and the kneelers were then placed upon it. One then knelt and said a prayer about being humble and thankful for the opportunity to be in church for the service. A sentiment never completly understood by children of fifties! Then it happened, my friends sister started to giggle, she got a nudge from the parent she then serupticiously eye gestured to the kneeler and in turn four children started to smile and giggle even my mother developed a curled grin. One of the freshly minted kneelers had an image of Mary holding a baby Jesus, nothing funny about that. The problem was the maker of this kneeler had got Mary’s bare bussom proportions completely out of scale with the rest of the kneeler. Fact was these bare bussoms ocupied a full third of the kneeler. The children giggled through the first couple of hymns then as everyone sat for the lesson a parent notice the offending kneeler which was promptly turned over. That kneeler was never seen again. But for several weeks after, it was giggled and talked about and even looked for by all the children who learned of the wayward kneeler with the enormous bussoms…